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1. Band Groups, Student Exploration: Graphing Skills
3. Notes-Energy & Light
4. Article Analysis-"The Dark Side of Green Light"
5. Pin Hole Camera Investigation of FUN!
6. Light Sources
                Video-Bioluminescence (BBC)

7. What is Light?
8. Notes-Additive Theory
9. Additive Theory of Colour
                Primary Colours Assignment Link
10. Video Viewing Sheet (Bill Nye-Light and Colour)
                Bill Nye Light and Colour Video LINK

11. Notes-Subtractive Theory
12. Subtractive Theory of Colour
13. Article Analysis-"Solar Flashlight Lets Africa's Sun Deliver..."
14. The Electromagnetic Spectrum
                Video-Ludwig Von Drake The Spectrum Song
                Videos-The Electromagnetic Spectrum

15. Laws of Reflection Investigation
16. Student Exploration: Laser Reflection
17. Notes-Mirrors
18. Different Mirrored Surfaces
19. Student Exploration: Ray Tracing (Mirrors)
20. Refraction Investigation
21. Notes-Refraction
22. What Happens When Light Strikes a Surface?
23. Practice: How Does Light Reflect
24. Mr. K's Lens Investigation of FUN!