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Science Fair

Howdy folks. Here you will find all the information you need for the science fair! All the handouts given in class are attached here. As well find the google forms to fill out at each due date as found in the Science fair Booklet.

These forms you will fill out BOTH on paper (the handout given in class) AND here online:

Science Fair Project Proposal Form due Friday Jan. 13th
Science Fair Project Plan Form due Friday Jan. 20th
Progress Report #1 Form due Friday Jan. 27th
Progress Report #2 Form due Friday Feb. 3rd
Progress Report #3 Form due Friday Feb. 10th

Tuesday Feb. 21st                 In-Class Presentations

Tuesday Mar. 14th                Set-up Day

Wednesday Mar. 15th           SCIENCE FAIR!

Here are the attached handouts given in class:

Science Fair Info:
B. Science Fair Project Proposal Sheets (also fill out googleforms above)
Science Fair Activity Kit (Judge your Neighbour)

How to Research:

Scientific Inquiry Practice: