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Chemistry Social Experiment

To make your video:

1. Go to your wingsmail account and click the link that was sent to you from LCS IT department.
2. You can import video files (clips) and edit them within Wevideo. You cannot export your video without Mr. K's permission. If you want to export for a certain reason, talk to Mr. K first. Once your video is finished, share it with Mr. K and he will compile them to be shown in class.

-Log-in to your wevideo account.
-Click the "Upload" tab along the top of the page.
-Select your file by choosing "Browse from files", "Google Drive" icon, etc. (wherever your video files are). Click "Start Upload."
-You can now edit your video within wevideo (put clips in order, etc.)
-When you finish editing and the video is finished, click "Invite" and select "Joel Kulik" from the list.
-Then select your video and click the "Export" button. EXPORT TO GOOGLE DRIVE. Once exported to Google drive, share it with Joel Kulik again.
OR you can use your own video editing program and send/share the file with Mr. K.
Joel Kulik,
May 28, 2014, 11:06 AM