Lesson: Balancing Chemical Equations

1. Get the lesson booklet from your teacher.

2. Read the notes on Page 1 of the assignment booklet. Highlight the main ideas of the notes that you will have to remember/understand.

3. Watch the video: Music Video-Don't Break the Law (law of conservation of mass & balancing)

3. Complete questions 1 & 2 on Page 1.

4. Follow these ExploreLearning Simulation instructions

5. Follow your assignment booklet: answering the questions and completing the simulation.

6. When done questions, read "Additional Notes for Balancing Chemical Reactions" on the last page of your assignment and again highlight parts of the notes that are of MAIN importance.

7. Get "Balancing Practice" assignment from teacher along with answer key. Complete all the questions. Be sure the check your answers after you have completed the practice.