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Dear Missionaries,

Here is the package of the sheets I plan on giving the class while you are gone. I do not know ho material we will get through while you are gone. I also DO NOT expect that you get this done before you go. Having said that, IF you decide to get a head start, please consult someone from the previous semester and get the "Notes" stuff from them. Usually this is the fill-in-the blank notes stuff used as the core notes for the unit. You can also use my website and click on the "Kinetics" unit where I have the links for pictures, videos, simulations, etc. that I would typically show/explain in class. Use these links to enhance your understanding. 

It is AWESOME that you are going on this trip, but realize that not being in class can have a huge effect on how you learn and understand the material.

Joel Kulik,
Jan 17, 2014, 9:35 AM