Follow these instructions to complete the "Cell Structure" sheet:

2. Click on either "Animal Cell" or "Plant Cell" (whichever one you would like to start with)

3. Click on each of the organelles and fill in the "Function" column of the chart with the information it presents. DO NOT copy everything down. Write a summary of the important points in point form.

*NOTE: For "Endoplasmic Reticulum" read BOTH the "Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum" and "Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum" sections and combine the information into one box on your sheet.
*NOTE: Click on "Cytosol" in order to find "Cytoplasm."

4. Using the website and your own understanding, fill in the "Plant or Animal Cell" column with whether that organelle appears in either the PLANT CELL, ANIMAL CELL, or BOTH.

5. The parts (organelles) of a cell can often be compared to the parts of a city. Each part of a city performs a certain function. They work together so the entire city can work as a whole. Match each of the following parts of a city with the organelle it best describes. Fill this in under the "Compared to" column.

-city wall
-power plant
-city border
-farmer's field
-road system
-city hall
-sewer/grocery store (one organelle represents both of these)